Sometimes I wish the walls at Sonop could talk and tell the stories of the past. Fortunately, the walls carry the tradition, culture and brotherhood of all the previous years and so it becomes part of every new Sonopper’s Sonop experience. What a great privilege it is to be able to live in a place like no other.
CM Kriel, Chairman 2019/20

What’s worse than a home without a mother …? Definitely “Sonop without a Nonnie”. As Sonop’s Nonnie it is not only my duty to keep every young man’s stomach full, but out of love I carry every Sonopper’s interests at heart. Nonnie is your mother away from home …

Nonnie Jenny Buys

A Sonop resident is a normal person who works harder than other normal people and this is the core of Sonop’s success.

Dewald van Lingen, RC 2019/20

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth. This quote perfectly sums up a Sonopper. A Sonopper is not necessarily going to be the best on the field or the smartest in the class, but he NEVER gives up, and that’s what makes Sonop stand out above all the other residences, that’s what makes Sonop the best.

Stefan Kruger, RC 2019/20
Sunrise is your unfair advantage in life. This is something an ex-Sonopper told me has stuck with me to this day. Every day that passes one sees that Sonop is an investment in one’s life.
Alex Winter, RC 2019/20
It’s about pride. It’s about history and tradition. It’s the Hope for the future. In all areas, from culture, academia and on the sports field. The ordinary guy suddenly turn into a hero. Sunday night echos the sound of a group of men through the streets of Pretoria. 105 years of tradition are always together in spirit. Because “Very few can be a Sonopper”.
Adriaan Lombard, RC 2019/20
Hard work, perseverance and difficult times. Sonop teaches you how to function under difficult conditions – diamonds are only formed under high pressure. Christian values, character and perseverance – that’s our culture.
Elvis Zondi, RC 2019/20
Sonop takes young boys and teaches them what it is to be men. Men who establish the Kingdom of God in our midst with truth and power. Men who will take on the roles of head and priest of their families with a God-fearing love. Men who walk in God’s light and keep on seeking a deeper relationship with God.
Jacobus Cordier, Vice Chairman 2019/20


Year Event
  • Sonop wins the men’s category of Tuks’s 1nSync (first-year concert) competition.
  • Drommedaris takes place to St. Lucia (550km in 7 Days).
  • Sonop Serenade are the overall winners of Tuks’s Acapella competition.
  • Sonop places 2nd in the residence rugby league.
  • Sonop comes second in Tuks’s 1nSync (first-year concert) competition.
  • Sonop wins Tuks’s residence Athletics event.
  • The section in the Blue Train where first-years live is named after Die Kraal.
  • The squash court is being redone.
  • The first #Sailing takes place.
  • The global COVID-19 pandemic means that all members of the household must leave the residence on 17/03/2020. The first 55 return only on 06/06/2020 and the rest much later. Traditional class jogging is prohibited and only online lectures are offered.
  • Sonop’s second rugby team (Ratels) wins the second team residence rugby league.
  • Drommedaris XII takes place to Ballito (845 km in 8 days)
  • Sonop wins Tuks’ tennis league.
  • Serrie to Potchefstroom takes place.
  • The East is reformed from new members from other regions and the old Pegasus emblem is used again.
  • Sonop leaves Tuks-res.
  • Train tour takes place to Stellenbosch.
  • Sonop enters into a loan agreement with the La Motte Pierneefmuseum to preserve the 10 Sonop Pierneefwerke.
  • The first Serrie to Potchefstroom takes place.
  • Sonop begins annual Sing! Competition in which Acapella groups from Pretoria and Potchefstroom participate.
  • The first BOS day is held.
  • As winners of the 2016 Tuks Residence Rugby League, Sonop participates in the nationwide Varsity Cup Residence Rugby League
  • Drommedaris XI takes place to Clarens (580 km in 5 days)
  • Sonop wins Tuks’ residence cricket league.
  • Sonop wins the last Tuks wheelchair competition presented.
  • The Memorandum of Understanding between Sonop and UP since 2001 is abandoned.
  • Two East Mansions almost burn down.
  • History of Sonop and the Dutch Reformed Church over 100 years appears as PhD dissertation.
  • The Sonop Restoration 2013 – 2016 project is completed
  • Sonop’s Centenary takes place.
  • Sonop’s first team wins the Residence Rugby League.
  • Sonop wins the Tuks Acapella competition.
  • Train tour takes place to Stellenbosch.
  • Sonop wins Tuks’ residence athletics event.
  • The first Night Market takes place as a fundraiser for Acapella.
  • Sonop wins Tuks Acapella Competition.
  • Sonop wins Tuks Rag.
  • Sonop wins Tuks’ Soccer tournament.
  • Drommedaris X takes place to Oudtshoorn (1200 km in 10 days)
  • Train tour to Stellenbosch takes place.
  • Sonop wins 1st place in Tuks serrie.
  • Frits Eloff launches his book: Kinders Van Duine at Sonop Tehuis.
  • Drommedaris IX takes place.
  • Sonop wins 1st place in Tuks Acapella.
  • Sonop wins 1st place with their Rag Fleet built in collaboration with house Erika.
  • Sonop wins men’s residence of the year.
  • Sonop’s 95th anniversary Mini-Festival takes place.
  • Drommedaris VIII takes place.
  • All Sonop House photos and RC photos are stored digitally.
  • Sonop West Rugby Knockout League and Go-carts.
  • The Commission of Inquiry is taking place following negative newspaper reports.
  • Sonop is named Tuks’ Men’s Residence of the Year.
  • Sonop gets a full-time Residence Head / House Father.
  • The tennis courts are being redone.
  • A sports tour to Wilgenhoff takes place.
  • The Archive is officially redone.
  • Drommedaris VII takes place.
  • Oom Gert is officially restored.
  • Drommedaris VI takes place.
  • Sonop sets record for longest distance run on a tread mill within 48 hours.
  • Sonop wins Drastoel for the 10th time in a row.
  • Sonop’s 90th anniversary celebrations are being held.
  • Drommedaris V takes place.
  • Drommedaris IV takes place from Pretoria to Oudtshoorn.
  • Sonop was named Tuks Men’s Residence of the Year for the third year in a row.
  • The RC is enlarged to 8 members for the sake of transformation.
  • Set Guinness World Record for longest hotdog in the world.
  • Sonop is named Tuks Men’s Residence of the Year.
  • The billiard room is being restored.
  • Sonop gets an administrator (Uncle Wally) who will henceforth manage residence fees and staff.
  • The linen room is being converted into a new home for Nonnie Groen.
  • The website is getting a major update.
  • Napkin fights in the dining room are banned.
  • Sonop decides to install a wireless network. We therefore become one of the first institutions in the country with such a network and an ADSL internet line.
  • The Spring Day Festival in the East is such a huge success that it is instituted as an annual event.
  • The east’s crocodile escapes.
  • New mansions are being introduced.
  • The East Plate is erected.
  • The Blue Crocodile project begins.
  • Sonop donates their bus to an orphanage.
  • The SRM (Sonop Resistance Movement) is established to combat theft in and around Sonop.
  • Giant Pepper Tree in the West falls on a mansion and flattens it.
  • General Synod sells Sonop to the Sonopraad for R2,000,000
  • Sonop gets a web page.
  • Bollie trolley is redone.
  • Sonop hosts a house dance for the first time.
  • Sonop concert tour raises R28 000 for the benefit of the Abraham Kriel children’s home.
  • East gets new eastern cart (Ooste III)
  • Bollie trolley burns out.
  • Squash court completed.
  • Sonop undertakes 3 bicycle tours and raises R30 000 for the benefit of the cancer association.
  • Uncle Gert’s jacket is being painted.
  • The West’s Zebra, Kolle, is played by College.
  • Police raid with a Kaspir.
  • Sonop gets 27 breadfruit trees.
  • Bollie trolley gets new engine.
  • Police raid with a Kaspir.
  • Malawi Tour.
  • North gate is removed after girls with a new Mazda race into it.
  • Restoration committee disbanded after completion of the 10-year project.
  • Bond of Old Sonoppers is formed.
  • Three black kitchen staff members take part in sonoppie.
    Legal action is being taken against Sonop after a Raid.
  • The entire house committee is suspended due to the T-party on the west lawn. Subsequently, first-years no longer take part in the T-party, only semmies.
  • During George Zamfir’s visit, Robert Snyman plays pan flute with first-years accompanying on milk bottles. Robert also donates a pan flute he made to Zamfir.
  • The Jan Scholtz movie “Kiepie en Kandas” is shot in Sonop after which the Bollie Trolley (Sweatheart) is donated to the West.
  • Torchlight procession from Voortrekker Monument to Umtata to congratulate the Transkei on their independence.
  • The Sonop Flag is officially taken into use. The Sonop house song, “Zoem Garribaldi”, written by Kobus Seegers, is also used.
  • Sonop’s restoration committee is set up, which restores Sonop over a period of 10 years at an amount of almost R300 000. Old Sonoppers contributed the largest part of it.
  • First Sonop Dawn appears.
  • Sonop becomes the first residence at UP to own a TV.
  • The pill will henceforth be served in pudding format.
  • First Sonop “Rally”
  • North installs a trapdoor to stop Raids.
  • Drommedaris II raises money for Southern Cross.
  • Nonnie van der Westhuizen resigned believing that the students were barbaric with reference to their disciplinary procedures.
  • Following a first-year’s uncle’s complaints to the rector, an investigation commission is set up to investigate Sonop’s practices.
  • Drummedaris: Two bicycles with a drum in between depart for Rhodesia for advertising of Sonop’s half-century celebrations.
  • Sonop’s national sport, “Cup”, sees the light.
  • Sonop is proclaimed Republic.
  • Semels is the first pet to get house member status but had to eat the pill first.
  • New stables are being built.
  • Sonop becomes first residence on UP with a swimming pool. The pool was built next to the dining hall at a cost of 250 pounds.
  • Figure that served as an underpants ad is stolen and christened Garribaldi.
  • First sign is put up in Sonop.
  • Great Trek: All the housemates leave the hostel and spend the year in Buxton.
  • Oom Gert takes his home in Sonop.
  • The same petal repeats itself under the chairmanship of W. Visser