Sonop is a private men’s residence in Brooklyn, Pretoria that provides accommodation and three meals a day to students studying at UP.

Sonop is owned by the “Bond van Oud-Sonoppers” (BOS) and the facility is operated by the Sonop Company Pty Ltd. The company is registered as a non-profit 21 article company.

The Sonop Company’s members are appointed by BOS, from the ranks of former Sonoppers and supplemented with specialist representatives as required.

The Sonop Board, as the board of directors of the Sonop Company, is responsible for the control and management of the Sonop.

The current Sonop Board meets monthly and consists of a group of six (6) Former Sonoppers as follows: (The year in brackets is the year in which the person was a first-year in Sonop):

  • Otto Diedericks, Pr Eng BEng Bedryfs: Chairman, Comission of Transformation and Reformation (1991)
  • Dinos Kaparos, LLB, LLM: Sport, Regsake, Personeel (2005)
  • Murray Coombs, MBChB (Mediese Spesialis): Waardetoevoeging (1976)
  • Dewald Theron, GR (SA), MCom (Belasting): Finansies (1983)
  • Willie van der Schyff, BCom, LLB: Eksterne Funksies, Entrepeneurskap (2004)
  • Tonie Viljoen, BA, BD, MTh, PhD: Koshuishoof/Koshuisvader (1973)

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth. This quote perfectly sums up a Sonopper. A Sonopper is not necessarily going to be the best on the field or the smartest in the class, but he NEVER gives up, and that’s what makes Sonop stand out above all the other residences, that’s what makes Sonop the best.

Stefan Kruger, RC 2019/20
Sonop takes young boys and teaches them what it is to be men. Men who establish the Kingdom of God in our midst with truth and power. Men who will take on the roles of head and priest of their families with a God-fearing love. Men who walk in God’s light and keep on seeking a deeper relationship with God.
Jacobus Cordier, Vice Chairman 2019/20
It’s about pride. It’s about history and tradition. It’s the Hope for the future. In all areas, from culture, academia and on the sports field. The ordinary guy suddenly turn into a hero. Sunday night echos the sound of a group of men through the streets of Pretoria. 105 years of tradition are always together in spirit. Because “Very few can be a Sonopper”.
Adriaan Lombard, RC 2019/20
Sunrise is your unfair advantage in life. This is something an ex-Sonopper told me has stuck with me to this day. Every day that passes one sees that Sonop is an investment in one’s life.
Alex Winter, RC 2019/20
Sometimes I wish the walls at Sonop could talk and tell the stories of the past. Fortunately, the walls carry the tradition, culture and brotherhood of all the previous years and so it becomes part of every new Sonopper’s Sonop experience. What a great privilege it is to be able to live in a place like no other.
CM Kriel, Chairman 2019/20

What’s worse than a home without a mother …? Definitely “Sonop without a Nonnie”. As Sonop’s Nonnie it is not only my duty to keep every young man’s stomach full, but out of love I carry every Sonopper’s interests at heart. Nonnie is your mother away from home …

Nonnie Jenny Buys
Hard work, perseverance and difficult times. Sonop teaches you how to function under difficult conditions – diamonds are only formed under high pressure. Christian values, character and perseverance – that’s our culture.
Elvis Zondi, RC 2019/20

A Sonop resident is a normal person who works harder than other normal people and this is the core of Sonop’s success.

Dewald van Lingen, RC 2019/20


Sonop as an institution is more than 100 years old and we are proud to be: independent, apolitical, multiracial, multilingual and multicultural with the vision, mission, policy and striving to be the best student residence in South Africa.

Sonop is responsible for its staff, facilities, finances, marketing, administration and survival, and does not receive any financial or administrative support from UP or the State.

In order to operate the self-sufficient structure successfully and sustainably, Sonop is controlled and managed like a company where the Sonop Board provides support as non-executive directors while the Residence Head and the SBC function as the executive officials of the residence. (The SBC is the Sonop Management Committee which consists of the house committee and regional leaders)

Our family members form the backbone of Sonop and with their youthful energy and innovative initiatives led by the SBC, Sonop is a very special place to live.

The management model of collaboration between the Sonop Board and the students is unique and very successful.

Sonop also strives to not only provide accommodation and meals for our students, but to offer Sonoppers the opportunity to participate in a unique living experience where they can excel academically and at the same time live their life experience through sport, culture, living together. and team building can hone for the workplace ahead.

To ensure that Sonop stays in step with the rapidly changing and evolving environment in the world, the Sonop Council has established a standing committee known as the Continuing Transformation and Reformation (CTR). The committee, consisting of former Sonoppers and students and under the leadership of the Vice – Chair, aims to add additional value to our students through innovative initiatives and further prepare them for their adult lives. We are very excited about the Sonop 2025 project that is currently being implemented.

In the process of studying and living together in Sonop, lifelong friendships and business acquaintances are formed and, as many former Sonoppers will be able to testify, the student years in Sonop are only part of the larger puzzle of Sonopper.

Within a culture of Christian values, academic excellence and participatory life orientation, the following guidelines form the value system for the residence community according to which judgment, decision and action are taken:

  1. Excellence
  2. Integrity
  3. Loyalty
  4. Discipline
  5. Balanced
  6. Confidence
  7. Uniqueness
  8. Diversity

The value system is not only limited to student life and has consistently contributed to the successes that Oud-Sonoppers have achieved in their adult lives and careers.

There is a very true and calibrated saying that goes, “Once a Sonopper, always a Sonopper.”

“Laat die buile huil.”

Kobie Botha


Otto Diedericks
Otto DiedericksChairman
Comission of Transformation and Reformation
Dinos Kaparos
Dinos KaparosSports, Legal Affairs, Personnel
Murray Coombs
Murray CoombsValue added initiatives.
Dewald Theron
Dewald Theron Finance
Willie van der Schyf
Willie van der SchyfExternal Functions
Tonie Viljoen
Tonie ViljoenHead of residence
Residence father