“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth. This quote perfectly sums up a Sonopper. A Sonopper is not necessarily going to be the best on the field or the smartest in the class, but he NEVER gives up, and that’s what makes Sonop stand out above all the other residences, that’s what makes Sonop the best.

Stefan Kruger, RC 2019/20
Sometimes I wish the walls at Sonop could talk and tell the stories of the past. Fortunately, the walls carry the tradition, culture and brotherhood of all the previous years and so it becomes part of every new Sonopper’s Sonop experience. What a great privilege it is to be able to live in a place like no other.
CM Kriel, Chairman 2019/20
Hard work, perseverance and difficult times. Sonop teaches you how to function under difficult conditions – diamonds are only formed under high pressure. Christian values, character and perseverance – that’s our culture.
Elvis Zondi, RC 2019/20
Sunrise is your unfair advantage in life. This is something an ex-Sonopper told me has stuck with me to this day. Every day that passes one sees that Sonop is an investment in one’s life.
Alex Winter, RC 2019/20
It’s about pride. It’s about history and tradition. It’s the Hope for the future. In all areas, from culture, academia and on the sports field. The ordinary guy suddenly turn into a hero. Sunday night echos the sound of a group of men through the streets of Pretoria. 105 years of tradition are always together in spirit. Because “Very few can be a Sonopper”.
Adriaan Lombard, RC 2019/20
Sonop takes young boys and teaches them what it is to be men. Men who establish the Kingdom of God in our midst with truth and power. Men who will take on the roles of head and priest of their families with a God-fearing love. Men who walk in God’s light and keep on seeking a deeper relationship with God.
Jacobus Cordier, Vice Chairman 2019/20

A Sonop resident is a normal person who works harder than other normal people and this is the core of Sonop’s success.

Dewald van Lingen, RC 2019/20

What’s worse than a home without a mother …? Definitely “Sonop without a Nonnie”. As Sonop’s Nonnie it is not only my duty to keep every young man’s stomach full, but out of love I carry every Sonopper’s interests at heart. Nonnie is your mother away from home …

Nonnie Jenny Buys


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