In spite of its small number of residents, Sonop is also one of the strongest residences on the University's sports fields. Sonop has a winning culture and is known as a group of sportsmen with exceptional loyalty and sporting spirit. We take part in a wide variety of sports:

Rugby, Soccer, Hockey and other

Since Sonop has a number of neat lawns, residents can practice various kinds of social sports on the premises. For example, touch rugby matches or cricket matches regularly take place on the western or northern lawn, street cricket in the east and volleyball on the tennis court.

During exams there is an internal volleyball league with the various regions and first-years competing for the annual volleyball floating trophy. This tournament produces nail-biting action and tension every year.

Sonop is the only residence in the country that boasts its own tennis court, new cricket nets and squash court that residents may use any time of the day. Since 2011 we have also had our own gymnasium.

We also have an internal squash competition, and players regularly challenge each other to improve their log position.