Sonop Council

As the governing board of the Sonop Company, the Sonop Board is responsible for the control and management of the Sonop Men's Hostel.

The members of the Sonop Company are elected by the Association of Former Sonop Residents ('Bond van Oud-Sonoppers') and are, in accordance with the statutes of the company, supplemented with representatives of UP and the Universiteitsoord congregation.

The current Sonop Board meets monthly and consists of the following former Sonop residents:
Danie Slabbert: Chairman (1973)
Willem Boshoff: General matters (1977)
Arie Penning: Staff matters (1977)
Dewald Theron: Finance (1983)
Tonie Viljoen: Head of the hostel (1973)
Otto Diedericks (1991)

A Word from the Chairman – Danie Slabbert

Sonop is responsible for its own staff, facilities, finances, administration and continued existence, and participation by its residents in UP student life is subject to a Memorandum of Agreement signed with the University.

In this self-sufficient structure, the House Committee plays a very important role in respect of the control and management of the hostel, which is undertaken in cooperation with the Head of the Hostel and the Sonop Board.

The vision, mission and policy of Sonop is to be the best student hostel in South Africa and to provide students from different population groups with affordable, non-discriminating accommodation within a culture of Christian values, academic excellence and participatory life orientation.

In a rapidly changing university environment the Sonop Board, the Head of the Hostel, the HC and the residents have a responsibility to:

  • develop an understanding of the changing environment and its demands, and to adapt accordingly;
  • ensure that, despite this 'new' environment, the Sonop experience remains unique;
  • ensure that Sonop remains the hostel of choice for prospective first-year and new students;
  • create an environment in which residents can prosper and can develop intofuture leaders in their chosen fields of study and in life in general;
  • maintain the unique facilities that contribute to the creation of a special living and learning environment; and
  • be guided to transform, without pressure, to the demands of the university world so as to unite students from all groups in this unique living and learning environment.

The following value systems provide the guidelines for judgement, decisions and action in the hostel community:

  1. Excellence
  2. Integrity
  3. Loyalty
  4. Discipline
  5. Balance
  6. Trust
  7. Uniqueness
  8. Diversity

The youthful, energetic devotion and guidance provided by the HC and the cooperation of the residents constitute the single most important factor that will ensure the continued existence of Sonop as a unique setting for future living and learning. Many former residents of Sonop are immensely proud of their connection with this hostel, which played such an important role in their development during their student years.

Consistent efforts are being made to ensure an environment characterised by integrity - a way of life that, rather than being prescribed by a set of rules, is based on a culture of values, respect and initiative.