House Chairman

Why Sonop Christelike Tehuis?


A question that I have been asked on numerous occasions. In different variations of course. Why are you so proud of this place? What makes this place so special? What are you thinking being part of such a group of crazy, bombastic and unique men? The short answer is: ‘Very few can be a Sonopper’, but what follows is the essence of my answer and it is encapsulated in our name.


Sonop. All the other men residences at Tuks is named after trees, therefore our uniqueness is already clear. The uniqueness of our residents, layout and practices is something that is close to my heart. Here you will meet friends, whose personalities are so diverse, that you will think you are in a mad house. You then realise that is actually only students that are making the most of their student life in a healthy environment. To describe Sonop’s layout is a very difficult task. It looks like a vacation resort, where people are studying very hard. We pride ourselves that our practices are unique to Sonop and that it creates a culture of unity, respect and growth.


Christelike.  We believe that Sonop creates an environment for spiritual growth. My biggest hope is that Sonop shapes men to bring about Jesus Christ’s will in the world. We aim to have a strong community of believers from different backgrounds and denominations. We also have respect for other religions and people with differing beliefs than ours.


Tehuis. A home away from home. This overused saying does not do justice to what you will experience in Sonop. This is a home that will shape you and give you a sense of belonging like no other place will. You come in as a stranger, but when you leave, you leave behind a piece of your heart.


This answer only leads to more questions, but the only way to answer them is to experience Sonop yourself. That is where the saying ‘Very few can be a Sonopper’ gets its value.